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The Apocrypha

The Books Called Apocrypha

Translated out of the original tongues: and with the former translations diligently compared and revised, by His Majesty's special command.

The Biblical apocrypha (from the Greek word απόκρυφος, meaning hidden) are texts which are often printed as part of the Bible despite their perceived status of being outside of the biblical canon. They are typically printed in a third section apart from the Old and New Testaments. These include texts written in the Jewish and Christian religious traditions that either:

  • were accepted into the biblical canon by some, but not all, Christian faiths, or
  • whose canonicity or lack thereof is not yet certain.

A comparative list can be found in the article on books of the Bible. For extra-biblical works sometimes referred to as apocrypha, see the article on apocrypha.

The biblical apocrypha are sometimes referred to as “The” Apocrypha. Although the term apocrypha simply means hidden, this usage is sometimes considered pejorative by those who consider such works to be canonical parts of scripture.

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Cover Sheet
I Esdras  9  448  11783
II Esdras  16  874  20427
Tobit  14  244  6965
Judith  16  339  11075
The Rest of Esther  7  105  2709
The Wisdom of Solomon  19  436  10616
Ecclesiasticus  51  1393  28273
Baruch, with the Epistle of Jeremiah  6  213  5054
The Song of the Three Holy Children  1  68  1407
The History of Susanna  1  64  1447
Bel and the Dragon  1  42  1071
The Prayer of Manasses  1  1  408
I Maccabees  16  923  23147
II Maccabees  15  555  16340
Total  182  5705  139275

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